Facebook Stock Hits All-Time High Of $45.09

It’s been a while since Facebook went public. Initially, the company’s IPO appeared to be a huge failure, but since then Facebook has recovered. Today, Facebook’s stock value surged to $45.09, which is the highest ever.

Facebook stock

Within hours of Facebook’s IPO, the company’s stock value hit the last record high of $45. However, soon after, the value of the stock plummeted and continuous criticism was heaped on the company. It was lingering much below $30 till June of this year.

However, in the past few months, the stock has recovered rather quickly. In fact, since July, the stock has risen by a value margin of 70% which shows a very steady growth. Today, the value of the stock went the highest ever, reaching $45.09.

This should be some compensation to investors who had purchased Facebook’s stock and been complaining about its declining value. As of this moment, the stock is lingering somewhere near $45.04 and we can hope that its value will continue to rise, given the trend of the past few months.

However, much also depends on Facebook. The market value of the stock will continue to rise if Facebook is able to pull off better quarterly revenues and is able to expand on its audience. You can check the real-time value of Facebook stock here.

Courtesy: WSJ

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