Facebook Will Webcast Its First-Ever Stockholders Meeting

It has been nearly a year since Facebook decided to go public. The IPO was marred with a number of issues, but Facebook pushed forth and is a public entity today. The first-ever meeting of Facebook’s stockholders is due to take place on June 11, and the social network has decided to webcast the event.


The stockholder meeting will discuss a number of topics which are typical to such meet-ups. For instance, personnel representing Facebook will be discussing the revenue details of the company, including income as well as profits and the future prospects. Since the meeting will mark the completion of one year with Facebook as a public company, it is expected that the company will also dish out an analysis of its performance over the entire year.

At the same time, another critically important topic that will be under discussion on June 11 meeting is the election of Facebook’s board of directors. In the invitation extended to stockholders who are due to participate in the meeting, Facebook has asked them to vote for different board members.

Among the notable candidates who are seeking election to Facebook’s board of directors are Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings, Peter Thiel and others. An exception, this year, is that of Jim Breyer, who had been on the board for the past eight years, but has decided to quit now.

If you are looking forward to this event and wish to keep tabs on any developments that take place at the event, bookmark this page.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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