Video Shows Off Fake ‘Microsoft Glass’ In A Hilarious Manner

Don’t be startled by the topic of this article because no, Microsoft is not coming up with its own head gear. However, that didn’t stop a videographer from imagining what it would be like wearing ‘Microsoft Glass‘ and the video below was the answer.

Microsoft Glass

Wearable computers were once considered a genre which may not catch up. Rumors of an Apple iWatch have been abound for a long while now and Samsung is already out with its Galaxy Gear. Google, however, surprised the world when it revealed Google Glass, a wearable computer that you can attach to you head, much like glasses.

Although the search giant has shipped out a very limited number of Glass units to select users so far, the company is rapidly developing the technology for common consumers. In 2014, Google is expected to initiate the commercial roll-out of the gadget and make it available for a far more affordable price than the $1500 that the prototypes currently cost.

There are other companies who are working on similar gadgets with heads-up displays. Microsoft certainly hasn’t announced any product of this sort yet. But a new video explores what it would be like if the Windows maker actually created a head gear.

Naturally, most Windows users are awfully annoyed over the countless notifications, automatic updates and antivirus checks that the OS keeps throwing at us. The video incorporates all these in a rather hilarious manner, showing that if Microsoft shipped a headgear with a Windows-like OS, it may run the wearer into a whole series of disasters.

Of course, the ‘Microsoft Glass‘ shown in the video doesn’t actually exist and it’s all a fairly hilarious prank. But given the way Microsoft displays notifications in Windows, it makes sense to assume that any head gear from the company will run an OS with similar traits.

Source: MrOkras

Courtesy: Business Insider

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