FCC Approves Merger Of T-Mobile And MetroPCS

The parent company of T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, has been trying to merge the wireless carrier with MetroPCS for quite some time now. It was expected that the deal would be done and final by June 2013. That seems a good enough estimate, as FCC has given the green signal for the merger to move forward.


T-Mobile and MetroPCS took some time to finalize the merger deal, which was finally agreed upon by the two back in October last year. Following the deal, the companies required the approval of regulatory authorities to continue down that path.

The Department of Justice had notified earlier this month of a 30-day waiting period during which it will analyze the deal and see if it raises any anti-trust concerns. The Federal Communications Commission was also required to nod for the deal to go forth.

Now, FCC has given the nod and DoJ has ascertained that it didn’t find anything awry in the merger. The finally means that T-Mobile will get all the resources to finally offer 4G connectivity on a larger scale across the country. Meanwhile, MetroPCS customers also stand to benefit from this deal because they will gain access to T-Mobile’s 3G offering.

According to MetroPCS, “At the date the deal closes we will have an array of GSM, HSPA+, and LTE devices available for MetroPCS customers to purchase.” The company is also seeking a vote from its stockholders to approve the deal and if all goes well, the merger does seem to be slated to happen by summer this year.

Source: FCC

Courtesy: The Verge

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