Galaxy Smartphones Make Samsung’s Q4 2011 A Successful One

Samsung is perhaps the only note-worthy contender to iOS devices when it comes to smartphones – at least in terms of number of shipments and profitability. Apple reported a very successful Q4 earlier. And now Samsung is out with the results, declaring that it’s smartphone sales, especially that of Galaxy series of smartphones, has been excellent. This has primarily driven the company’s profits up, bringing in a cool $3.56 billion in profits during the fourth quarter of 2011. 

While many companies are going under, due to losses over the last year, Samsung has emerged triumphant. It has gained on it’s year-to-year profits from 2010. Samsung’s success is all the more important because very few Android device vendors have witnessed success last year, and Samsung has clearly taken the lead in Android vendors.

Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android smartphones have been a huge success. Samsung has shipped them in millions and these devices have brought home a huge profit. Specifically, Samsung S II has been hailed as one of the finest smartphones in the market by users around the world. According to Samsung, it’s telecom unit has seen a 52 percent increase in sales and a huge 79 percent increase in profits over the final quarter last year.

Samsung has been fairly quick in entering the smartphone market and succeeding in it. Despite numerous suits filed against the company by Apple for allegedly infringing on Apple’s designs, Samsung has steadily marched into the success’ lair.

Now into 2012, Samsung’s hopes are high. The company is hoping for a 30 percent growth over the year, although the start of the year may be slow, Samsung said. Samsung also has plans to up it’s effort in the tablet market, having already one of the most successful tablets in the market in the form of Galaxy Tab series. Galaxy Tab has been one of the serious contenders to Apple’s iPad, and perhaps the only Android tablet which is making it so big in the tablet market.

Although smartphones remains Samsung’s focus, analysts say that the company will keep rolling out feature phones, specifically for developing nations.

Image courtesy 3 Svierge.

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