Get Free Digital Downloads With Physical Purchase Of Marvel Comics

In a world fast turning digital, more and more people are choosing digital realm over physical realm to read books, magazine and other literature. This has necessarily transformed the paper-based industry. Marvel is already offering it’s comic as digital downloads through a number of platforms. Now, the company has announced that it will be offering a free digital copy when a physical purchase of a comic is made, although the offer is limited to certain titles.

This is definitely a very enticing offer since you get to have two prints of a comic, both digital and hard, in the price of one. Marvel intends to launch this offer coming June. The offer will encompass all the superhero titles being offered by Marvel. This is how it will work: you purchase the hard copy of a comic title priced at $3.99. The hard copy then contains a code that can be used and redeemed at Marvel Comics iOS and Android apps. By redeeming the code, you can then download the digital copy of the same title.

This is not the first time Marvel is offering such an offer. It already tested these waters last year but with a much smaller list of titles. Apparently, the strategy seems to have worked and now, Marvel is extending the list to include more titles. One of the rival comics publishers, DC, has already digitalized it’s entire catalog and not Marvel is working fast to accomplish the same.

However, the shift is not very radical and the digital versions still go as a compliment with the traditional purchases. Guess it would still take some for the whole industry to shift entirely to the digital realm, a move that is considered inevitable for the major part of the paper-based industry.

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