GoDaddy Continues It’s Official Support For SOPA

It seems like the web hosting giant, GoDaddy, hasn’t taken a hint from the outcry that had ensued when it announced that it was supporting SOPA. Even when it immediately started damage control when people starting quitting the use of it’s services and released statements that it no longer supports SOPA, the fact is that so far, no official step has been taken by GoDaddy to formally quit support for SOPA.

According to an interview conducted by TechCrunch, the CEO of GoDaddy, Warren Adelman, didn’t give any concrete assurances that his company would formally oppose the bill. In fact, his company towed a rather diplomatic line by saying that they would follow the ‘internet community’ on this issue. Of course that’s a very vague statement and needs explanation. And that explanation was well nuanced when he further stated that the ‘leadership’ of internet community is rather unclear.

GoDaddy was earlier supporting every single clause of the bill. How a U-turn in this stance will come out, that’s still unclear. According to GoDaddy’s CEO, he hasn’t spoken to his team’s legal guys yet and only after speaking to them can be tell how they are going to withdraw their support from the bill.

Another very important aspect of his interview was that he didn’t state whether or not his company is going to oppose the bill. He simply stated that the company will withdraw its support and even that is yet to happen. Why is this such an important issue? Because GoDaddy is among the 150 companies who were on the supporter-list for the bill. If indeed internet  community’s backlash forces GoDaddy to quit it’s support, this will set a clear prerogative for other companies – that the internet audience dislikes the bill and considers it an infringement on their rights.

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