Microsoft Partners With GoDaddy To Bring Office 365 To Small Businesses

Microsoft sees Office 365 as the future of its Office software suite. In an attempt to bring it to a greater audience, Microsoft has now partnered with GoDaddy, offering Office 365 to small businesses.

Office 365

GoDaddy has a huge number of small business customers who enjoy the company’s online services. Microsoft’s partnership with GoDaddy ensures that Microsoft has ready access to this huge audience without any qualms. GoDaddy, in turns, stands to profit by empowering its smaller clients and bringing them corporate-class tools at affordable rates.

Currently, GoDaddy is offering three different tiers of the software suite. These include:

Email Essentials:
Email Essentials is the most affordable of the three tiers. It comes for $4 per month and not only lets a business set up its own domain but get 5GB of email storage as well as 2GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space. A very useful accompanying feature is that the suite allows customers to sync their emails, contacts and calendar preferences across a number of devices and multiple platforms.

Business Essentials:
This tier is for such businesses who want greater online storage and email space. It costs $9 per month and includes a whopping 50GB of email storage as well as 25GB of SkyDrive Pro storage. From a business view, it is an excellent offer because it includes other premium features such as online HD video conference, online access to the key Office Web apps and file sharing and collaboration online.

Productivity Plus:
This is the priciest offering among the three tiers and costs $12.50 per month. This may seem slightly much for small businesses but the price tag makes it very affordable. It lets a business install Microsoft Office suite on up to five PCs or Macs. Moreover, it also allows the customers to use Office apps on a number of mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

The best thing about these offers is that the technical end of the Office services is maintained by Microsoft itself. In other words, technical support for the aforementioned three tiers comes directly from Microsoft, which makes it all very reliable. Moreover, Microsoft promises that the users of these tiers will always have access to the latest and updated versions of the software. For small businesses, this is certainly an excellent deal.

Source: Microsoft Office

Courtesy: PC World

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