Intel Exceeds Expectation, Yet Again

Intel has once again reported results that have exceeded market expectations and that thanks to corporate sales and the newly launched products. During the first quarter, their revenues totaled 12.9 billion dollars, which represents a 25% growth (namely a growth of 2.6 billion dollars) compared to last year’s first quarter revenues. Intel has had an operating income of 4.3 billion dollars, which represents an increase of exactly 25%. Net income went up by 830 million dollars thus reaching 3.3 billion dollars that is a 34% increase.

“The first-quarter revenue was an all-time record for Intel fueled by double digit annual revenue growth in every major product segment and across all geographies,” said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO.  Otellini is also optimistic about the future and hopes that the current trends stay the same so that Intel exceeds a 20% annual revenue growth.

The company has also closed the acquisitions for Infineon Wireless Solutions and McAfee, Inc. which have brought a 496 million dollars revenue increase. Also, during the first quarter, the average selling price for microprocessor went up constantly.

PC Client Group revenues have increased by 17%, and revenues for Data Center division also went up by 32%. Intel Atom has registered 370 billion revenues and a percentage increase of 4%, in comparison to the same time of the previous year.

The business outlook for the second quarter envisages a 12.8 billion income plus or minus 500 million dollars. Spending is approximated at 3.9 billion. The outlook, however, does not take into consideration the impact that mergers and acquisitions could have on these figures.

As for the statements about the revenues for the second quarter, Intel intends to report them on the 20th of July 2011 and also provide the public with an analysis made by their chief financial officer.

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