Intel Signs Deal To Manufacture Chips For Tabula

Although Intel hasn’t been doing very well, as the last quarterly report by the chip-maker suggests, at least in terms of profits, the future of the company does seem bright. It is already well ahead of it’s competitors with it’s 22-nanometre crown, something yet to be achieved by most of its contemporaries. Now, Intel has sealed a deal with Tabula and as per the deal, it will be manufacturing upcoming products for Tabula which is basically a semiconductor developer.

Intel had already inked an agreement with Achronix Semiconductor Corporation. According to the agreement, Intel is to manufacture field programmable gate arrays for Anchronix. On top of that, Intel has now sealed another deal with Tabula. This clearly shows that Intel is not shy of collaborating with other semiconductor companies and manufacturing products for this, probably a wise business move.

What seems to attract a lot of interest to Intel this year is the possible debut of Ivy Bridge family of processors. These processors will be featuring Intel’s 22-nanometer technology and may prove to balance the chip-world yet again in favor of Intel. These next-generation processors hold a promise to be more efficient and less power-consuming compared to nearly all other available chips.

Apparently in a bid to organize the different deals it has struck with other companies, Intel has named the venture of building for third-parties ‘Intel Custom Foundry.’ The name says it all, and also indicates that Intel has plans probably to sign another few deals, something it has hinted on.

Image courtesy huang.

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