iOS Devices Lead With The Largest Mobile Ad Market Share

Mobile ad market has become a highly lucrative industry. And the vendor who is more successful naturally gets to reap its bounties too, one way or the other. Whereas by the end of 2011, iOS and Android devices were both at 50% share of mobile ad market, mobile marketing company Velti has now reported that iOS has pulled ahead of Android in mobile ad market share, thanks particularly to the new iPad.

Mobile ad impressions from a certain mobile platform are clearly indicative of the reach and presence of that platform. Till the end of 2011, the mobile ad impressions coming from both iOS and Android devices were fairly equal, which showed that both were matched in a rather even show.

However, the scales have tipped in favor of iOS with the launch of the new iPad. That is not all too surprising since Apple earlier stated that within the first three days of the launch of new iPad, it was able to sell some three million new iPad tablets! That is perhaps the most successful launch of a tech gadget ever!

According to Velti’s report, during the month of March, which is by the way the same month new iPad was launched, iOS mobile ad market share surged ahead of Android, reaching 53%, 2.2% of which was contributed by the new iPad. This 2.2% is very significant since ad impressions from the new iPad have reached this percentage within a month or so of its launch and that is truly remarkable!

Velti’s report further stated that larger ads brought the publishers better money whereas smaller ads paid less. The average eCPM(price paid per thousands impressions) for iOS was also greater than that for Android devices.

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