Is Apple Hunting For TV Parts?

Last time people talked about the Apple TV, they were hyped about the possible launch of a Siri enabled TV that could abolish the remote control. Since then, nothing new regarding this topic surfaced. But now, we are hearing rumors that Apple is actually working on big-screen TV – an entity that could be called an iTV. Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray seems to be a proponent of this theory because he is claiming that a trusty TV component supplier told him Apple is out shopping for TV parts at the component super market.

“We believe that Apple only enters mature markets with the goal of revolutionizing them, as it did with the smartphone. Without a revamped TV content solution, we do not think Apple enters the TV market.” Munster also shared his vision of how he sees Apple taking a major drill into connected TV. One of the possibilities would be creating a live TV platform that enables video recording, something like TiVo if you will. Or Apple could directly offer live TV, streaming it directly from the networks. Content apps could be added to the package as well.

“Apple could then leverage a new App Store for the Apple Television to supplement the basic live TV features with Netflix, Hulu Plus, or any content provider that chooses to build an app for the television,” said Munster.”


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