Man Sues Apple For Cancelling $35 Order Which Worth Products Of $1600

Imagine the delight of a person who is able to order $1600 worth of Apple products for a mere $35. The incident is not fictitious and did actually happen to Adam Crouchley in New Zealand. However, Apple realized the mistake soon and cancelled the order for which Crouchley is now suing the company.

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Apple products are fairly pricey and whenever the company offers discounts on them, it is like a looting spree. When Crouchley first saw the prices of certain Apple products reduced from $89 to 83 cents, he was fairly flabbergasted.

Trying to confirm whether this was a mistake or a genuine discount, he reached out to an Apple representative. The representative, in turn, confirmed that the prices were genuine. Naturally, Crouchley was elated since according to him, he makes extensive use of Apple products in his business.

He instantly placed an order on Apple’s website, purchasing $1600 worth of Apple products. Under the erroneous discounted pricing, it cost him a mere $35. According to him, “I was pretty happy with myself then.”

The order went fairly smooth in the start with Apple charging $35 from Crouchley’s credit card and sending him email confirmations about it. However, Apple soon realized the mistake it had made and cancelled the order, refunding the money to Crouchley’s account.

Crouchley has now brought forth a lawsuit, suing Apple for cancelling the order which was formerly confirmed by Apple representatives. Although the law may be on his side on this one, Crouchley seems fairly nervous about the whole affair. Speaking about the case, he said, “They may want to prove a point and show up but it can’t go too wrong against me. I’m a bit nervous about it.”

Source: TVNZ

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