McDonald’s Launches A New Creative Ad, It Is Illegal To Remove

Given the huge amount of capital going into advertising, we should not be surprised when most creative ideas sprout out of it. Just now, McDonald’s has launched a very creative, innovative advertising campaign. This is what they are doing: seed bombing. Seed bombing is a well-known concept but it hasn’t been utilized in marketing a product before. And McDonald’s has added an awesome twist to it: they are seed bombing California poppies. These seed sprouts into flowers combined together as whatever words McDonald’s wish to advertise. What’s the fun part is that it’s illegal to remove these flowers in California. So this ad is here to stay for long.

This is an excellent marketing strategy by McDonald’s. At one hand, this serves to enhance the environment and is very eco-friendly. It decorates the piece of land it lands it and looks pretty good too. So, that’s the positive aspect of it.

Moreover, removing a grown California poppy is illegal in the state. Which means that wherever these poppies grow, they are to stay. Whoever owns the land can not remove them as per the laws. At best, he can grow more plants to hide it, if he wants to.

These poppy flowers grow into slogans and other things that McDonald’s wish to advertise. This is one of the most creative ways of advertising the products in recent times. The best part is that this doesn’t cost much and yet is very, very effective. Let’s hope that other companies follow suit and rather than spending millions on advertising campaigns, they get inspired by this move and try to start eco-friendly campaigns.


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