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McDonald’s Plan To Use 3D Printers To Build Happy Meal Toys

3D printers are excellent at making little plastic figurines. Now, McDonald’s is planning to utilize 3D printers in its restaurants in the future to build Happy Meal Toys.


McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have been a staple of the restaurant chain for quite a long time. Lately, the company has said that it’ll consider bringing 3D printing into its ‘restaurants’ to broaden its appeal to technology savvy customers.

McDonald’s’ IT director Mark Fabes has said that the firm is currently mulling plans to bring 3D printing to its restaurants, hinting that it could be used for churning out Happy Meal toys.

He said, “As we know, you don’t always get every toy in a set. So how about as part of a value exchange or as a reward to give the ability to reprint a toy in the restaurant?”

Fabes believes if McDonald’s does make a decision to proceed with 3D printing in their restaurants, they would need to launch the service alongside a major tech supplier.

He said, “We’ve got to make sure they’re always available. If a customer comes in to use one for the first time and it doesn’t work, they don’t bother again. It’s incredibly important we get our infrastructure right.”

Don’t expect to see this technology in your local McDonald’s any time soon, as Fabes has added that implementing such plans is likely to bring risks and must be done correctly.

Source: The Register

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