Microsoft Media Executive Blair Westlake Resigns From His Post

Microsoft‘s vice president for media and entertainment, Blair Westlake, has resigned from his post. According to him, the company is moving in a direction that doesn’t fit his expertise and so, he is moving on.

Blair Westlake

Microsoft has clearly changed its orientation in recent days. From being a purely software giant, Microsoft today is a company that also offers Surface tablets. Other changes in Microsoft’s strategy involve bringing together its multiple platforms such as Windows and Windows Phone.

Confirming his resignation from Microsoft, Westlake stated that “it has become clear to me that the organization is moving in a direction that does not fit either my expertise or my skill sets.” He didn’t elaborate on exactly what direction the company has taken and how that rules his expertise out.

However, Westlake’s resignation is very significant because he has been a part of Microsoft for the last ten years. In his current position at the company, he was responsible for ‘business development, policies and all content licensing for Microsoft services and devices including¬†Xbox¬†Video, Xbox Music, Windows PC/Tablets, Surface and Windows Phones.’

It is possible that given Microsoft’s increasingly focused approach on being a hardware vendor itself, Westlake may have found himself in a difficult position to negotiate with the company’s other hardware partners. Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed his resignation although the company hasn’t announced any replacement as of yet.

Courtesy: CNET

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