Microsoft Owns

Microsoft now owns and, the most immediate thoughts of what the domains could be used for turn to a joint gaming console venture between the two companies. The move is worth noting if only because the company doesn’t own similar domains and it could be something as mundane as a joint marketing campaign for Sony laptops or nothing at all…………..


Microsoft’s recent domain registration history has sparked speculation that the company might be planning a partnership with Sony. The software giant has registered and Both domains were registered to Microsoft through Corporation Service Company (CSC), a corporate identity protection firm. Forum users at Neogaf discovered the domain names, both of which simply forward to a Bing search result. A great deal of speculation focuses on a gaming partnership between the two firms but it’s likely that the move to register the domains was simply a typical domain protection process. The company has previously registered to protect its brand. Microsoft could also be planning some type of Windows Phone partnership with Sony Ericsson. A number of images of prototype Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 devices emerged earlier this year. Microsoft originally named Sony Ericsson as a launch partner when it first unveiled Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress in 2010. At the time of writing, Sony Ericsson has yet to announce any plans for a Windows Phone device. It has since been reported that the pair could not reach an agreement around Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE integration. Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Corporate Communications, Frank Shaw, has confirmed that the registration was a defensive domain hold.



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