Now You Can Trade-In CDs At Amazon

Amazon’s trade-in program has been a very useful feature for millions of users. If you are having an old item that is included in Amazon’s trade-in list and you want to get rid of it, all you have to do is ship it to Amazon and get an Amazon gift card in return. It has been a great way to rid old electronics, DVDs etc. Now, the good news are that Amazon has now added used CDs to the list so that you can get rid of used CDs while making something out of it.

Earlier, you were allowed to trade-in items which fall under the categories of books, electronics, DVDs, Blu-rays and video games. Users have long benefited from this feature. Especially as soon as a new product comes out, a lot of users choose to trade-in the older versions of the product to get their Amazon gift cards and buy a newer version right from the retailer.

Amazon has now added used CDs to the list of items that could be traded in. It is truly hard to imagine why Amazon would do so since in a world of digital music where online music stores and MP3 players are all that most user wish to access, their is little resale value of CDs. Nonetheless, Amazon has made the feature available already, so it is happening.

However, you have to first gauge the eligibility of your CD from Amazon’s page here. ¬†Once you are sure that it is eligible, you can ship it to Amazon for free and get an Amazon gift card in return. Interestingly, the CDs that are shipped out to Amazon will not be purchased by the retailer itself but rather by third-party merchants. According to the company, ‘at the moment,¬†Amazon does not resell used CDs, though a variety of used and like new offerings are available through [its] marketplace.’



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