Oracle’s Larry Ellison Sees Steve Jobs As An Inspiration

Steve Jobs is considered one of the most remarkable innovators and visionaries of the tech world. Although he’s gone, he continues to inspire countless people around the globe with his ideas, including Oracle‘s co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison.

Larry Ellison

Ellison co-founded a company that has stood the test of time and continues to be profitable over the decades. This is certainly remarkable and relatively rare in the tech industry which is highly volatile and requires companies to rapidly adapt to the changing trends. Ellison can certainly be deemed one of the most successful CEOs in the tech industry as well as the corporate sector at large.

He is the fifth richest person on Earth, his worth being pegged at a whopping $44 billion. Not only that, he has also managed to keep and excel at numerous other things such as sailing, being a race-winning world-class sailor.

In a recent talk at Las Vegas, Ellison was speaking at an Oracle event and the mention of Jobs came up. Having lived next door to Jobs for many years and being best friends with him, Ellison is certainly in a position to talk about Jobs. And so he did.

In his own words, “I’m very interested in making Oracle as successful a company as we can make it. And to me success is not the number of employees, or even the revenue or the profit. … As my best friend of many years Steve Jobs would say, how many insanely great products can you bring out? How can you move the world just a bit, make a difference, change lives … and how much can I help [while] discovering my own limits?

Clearly, Jobs’ philosophy has inspired Ellison‘s take on how he wants to steer his company and to what litmus test he puts the new products and services offered by his company, Oracle.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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