Orange UK Cut Roaming Price: Offers Daily 30MB For £3

If you have a plan on travelling abroad for your holidays this summer, one of the things you will undoubtedly be wary of is using your smartphone or tablets, due to exorbitant data roaming costs. No longer are you chained to absurd per-MB roaming charges or unnecessary monthly plans. Instead, you can shell out £3-a-day (about $5) for 30MB of data which is plenty for checking e-mail and doing some light browsing.

If you don’t use any data then you don’t get charged, but go over that limit and you’re back to the normal £3.07-per-MB rate thats a bit problem! It’s a perfect option for the traveler who only spends a week or two abroad at a time, and it closes the gap with fellow UK provider Vodafone, which offers a £2-per-day, 25MB option. While the European Commission are attempting to introduce lower data roaming costs by 2015, that won’t really help those of us travelling on holidays in the coming weeks.

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