RIM is Taking The Stage With Fresh New Rumors

Research in Motion managed to get the attention of technology blogs with new rumors about the company sale. Just yesterday the RIM shares rose by almost 4% and the inside rumors hint that the Canadian company is doing its best to attract serious buyers. In addition, analysts suggest that Black Berry maker hired a well known investment bank to help developing its strategy for the upcoming months.

The rumors about RIM takeover are not new as many analysts suggested that the company’s evolution in the last year left very little options. Delayed product releases, fluctuation of share value on the market, as well as grim profits all could point to the same conclusion. However, some said that it would be difficult for Research in Motion to find an interested buyer and the management should focus on restoring the BlackBerry maker reputation.

All the chatter on the matter translated in RIM’s shares having a variable value. In September, when the media let slip the information that investor Carl Icahn might be interested in RIM, the stocks “jumped sharply”, as Fox Business puts it. Just a few days later, when the news about RIM hiring an investment bank were published, the shares rose again. The same thing happened in December when someone leaked the information that Amazon might have an interest in acquiring RIM. We’ve recently reported that RIM might (finally!) introduce an email client for the PlayBook.

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