Will Samsung Ship Out A 64-Bit Chip Soon?

Apple recently took the lead on mobile computing prowess by packing a desktop-grade 64-bit chip in its new iPhone 5S. Naturally, this has placed a lot of pressure on Apple’s fierce rival, Samsung. So the big question is, when will Samsung come out with its own 64-bit chip?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Sooner or later, Samsung will have to launch a 64-bit chip of its own. That is essential to support larger RAMs, mobile devices will inevitably need a different architecture. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, which the company recently released, comes with 3GB of RAM.

However, that amount of RAM is sure to put a strain on the 32-bit architecture. Samsung is apparently cognizant of this fact and one company executive stated, “Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality.”

Since Samsung relies on ARM chips, we may need to see how soon could ARM create a 64-bit mobile chip. According to the chip-maker, whereas it is indeed working on 64-bit chips, they may not be ready until 2014. In other words, Apple will continue to hold the crown of higher-computing mobile chips until Samsung possibly comes up with a 64-bit chip of its own, probably next year.

But then, the question is, would Apple have notched up its chips by 2014 and come out with something even better. That may be likely in the 2014 flagship offering by Apple but if Samsung is able to expedite its 64-bit ambitions, it may be able to narrow down Apple’s advantage.

Courtesy: CNET

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