Samsung And NXP Join Hands With FeliCa To Create Internationally-Compatible NFC

NFC has long been touted as the next-generation way of paying on the go. Just imagine that you are moving around the world and can pay from your smartphone anywhere, any time by a mere tap. That is extra-ordinary indeed and that’s what Samsung, NXP and FeliCa seems to be working on. FeliCa has collaborated with Samsung and NXP to lay out two different modules required for an internationally recognized NFC.

The tap-to-pay solution is not at all new. It has been in use in Japan for many years now. It’s only now that the rest of the world is suddenly interested in a similar solution and that has opened the possibility, and need, of an internationally-compatible NFC. That is where the role of FeliCa comes in.

The smart card provider is collaborating with Samsung to develop a universal NFC controller. This partnership will secure the application module. The second partnership which FeliCa has reached with NXP will be aimed at building a global NFC radio so that your taps are recognized from anywhere around the world. Once both these projects culminate, paying by merely your device from anywhere, any time would be a reality.

According to the press releases from these companies, we can hope that the project may reach it’s completion sometime in 2013.

Image courtesy SammyHub.

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