Samsung Claims Apple Couldn’t Create iPhone Without Samsung’s Patents

Despite the $1.05 billion verdict against it, Samsung seems adamant to continue the legal fight against Apple. As a sign of this, Samsung’s CEO Shin Jong-kyun has now remarked that without making use of Samsung’s wireless patents, Apple couldn’t have created iPhone.

This clearly shows that although other Android vendors in the arena, such as HTC, may be willing to give into Apple’s pressure, Samsung is not. One of the key reasons for this could be that Samsung’s sales have been really good despite its litigation against Apple.

And although one or two Samsung devices have been banned in some places, that had minimal impact on the company’s overall revenue or image. Being the largest Android vendor as well as the company with the largest handsets sold each year, Samsung is in a position to continue the battle, unlike HTC who was in no position to pit itself against Apple.

In his recent statement, Samsung’s CEO stated, “The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets. Samsung is very strong in terms of portfolios of wireless patents.”

He also commented on the recent verdict of the Californian court against Samsung in which the company was asked to cough up $1.05 billion, “Samsung’s legal team is effectively responding to this fight. Yes, a new trial for the case is a possibility.”

Given the complex nature of the patent battle between Apple and Samsung, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the latter is able to drag it further still with more appeals and counter-suits. In any case, Samsung seems to be in no mood of relenting.

Source: Korean Times
Courtesy: ZDNet

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