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Samsung Files Patent For Transparent Display With Touchscreen On Both Sides

When it comes to smartphone displays, the current race in the tech arena is all about higher resolutions. A patent filing reveals that Samsung is exploring other options too, such as a handset with transparent display and touchscreen on both sides.

Samsung transparent display

The patent filing envisions a smartphone with a front as well as a rear touchscreen, both transparent. This is a fairly novel concept and can be very useful to build other new technologies. The best thing about such dual touchscreens is that they offer a user greater freedom of navigating using a finger.

For instance, you can use the touchscreen on the back to drag around an icon or play a video. Since the display is transparent, you will be able to see exactly where you are tapping your finger, without obstructing the front display.

Samsung transparent display

A handset packing such technology can be a huge attraction for avid gamers as well as artists. For gamers, two touchscreens means a greater control over the game play. Artists can manipulate elements in a far more effective manner by relying on the rear touchscreen or possibly using both touchscreens at the same time.

Samsung transparent display

This is still a patent filing, which means that Samsung may be working on it or it may simply be a new idea so far. Either way, it will still be a few years before we can expect a handset supporting such technology to hit the shelves. Meanwhile, do tell us what do you think about it and whether or not this technology can muster mass appeal.

Source: Patent Bolt

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