Samsung Takes A Step Back On Legal Battle Against Apple

In an unexpected move, Samsung has decided not to file any cases against Apple on the release of iPhone 4S in South Korea. This was a last-minute decision by Samsung. Analysts say that Samsung made the move so as not to embitter iPhone fans in Korea.

Apple launched iPhone 4S in Korea this Friday. Before the launch, Samsung had made a lot of noise about the expected release of iPhone 4S in South Korea and had declared that it would go to the courts against Apple on patent violations. Currently, Samsung is locked in a legal battle with Apple in two countries namely Germany and Australia. While Apple is on tricky grounds in both these countries, Samsung has somehow spared it in South Korea.

The animosity has grown particularly bitter ever since Apple won cases against Samsung in Germany and Australia and had Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in both countries.

Decision made not to disgruntle Apple fans:
Analysts have said that Samsung has taken the decision so as not to angry Apple fans in South Korea. Just before the iPhone 4S release, a Samsung official had said, “Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents.” Analysts say that if Samsung filed a case against Apple and had iPhone 4S banned from South Korea, this would have disgruntled a large number of South Korean electronics consumers and that would also have hurt Samsung’s own market. So, after fierce debate among company’s top brass, the decision was made that Samsung will pass on this one.

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