Snapchat Users Upload 400 Million Photos Daily, Exceeds Facebook’s Daily Photo Uploads

Snapchat recently made headlines when the relatively young company passed on Facebook‘s $3 billion acquisition offer. Some may deem it foolish and heady but the fact is that Snapchat is growing, and growing fast. The company has now revealed that its users are uploading 400 million images daily, beating Facebook’s daily image uploads.


When it comes to the user base, Snapchat certainly has a far smaller audience compared to Facebook’s one billion plus users. But the key difference between the two companies is that while Facebook is a general social network, Snapchat is used merely to upload images which are auto-deleted after a specified time.

That being said, one still can’t look away from the impressive numbers. If Snapchat users are uploading 400 million images daily, this essentially means that the company has a very loyal user base. Back in fall this year, Snapchat users uploaded 350 million images daily. The uptick of 50 million daily uploads has taken place in a really brief time, indicating the quick growth of the service.

While comparing Facebook and Snapchat may be unfair, comparing the image sharing service with Instagram makes a lot more sense. Here, too, Snapchat is the winner, hands-down. Currently, Instagram users upload a mere 55 million images daily, which means that Snapchat users are uploading nearly 350 million more daily images.

In view of these fresh numbers, it may be reasonable to consider that perhaps Snapchat’s decision not to take Facebook’s offer was a bold and wise one. It appears that the startup still has a lot of potential for growth and may be able to continue a healthy growth in the coming days.

Courtesy: Digital Trends

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