Tremor Video Purchased Video Analytics Technology – InPlay

According to recent news, Tremor Video, a company specialized in online video advertising technology, acquired a video analytics solution, InPlay. TubeMogul developed the analytics tool for publishers. The companies involved in the transaction failed to mention any numbers related to the costs and so far reporters weren’t able to find out more.

Tremor Video has plans to integrate InPlay into its enterprise video platform, VideoHub, delivering to its clients the possibility to measure, track, report and deliver on the signals driving the performance of video content. InPlay will be part of the company’s “VideoHub for Publishers”, expected to be introduced to the market in the first months of this year.

Bill Day, CEO of Tremor Video explained his company’s decision to acquire InPlay as a game changer. “InPlay gives us industry-leading technology and a sound product that meets this market demand. By integrating with our existing VideoHub technology, Tremor Video can now offer our partners a view across the entire video landscape,” he said in a press release.

Tremor Video expanded its portfolio by acquiring a number of companies in the industry, including Scan Scout, streaming ad placement service in November 2010 and Transpera, a mobile advertising platform. Financial terms were not disclosed then either, and after the ScanScout was purchased the two companies merged and operated as Tremor.

TubeMogul, the InPlay seller changed its strategy and decide dto focus on delivering to its clients a a demand-side buying platform for video advertising. The existing tools for the developers and users interested in the company’s video advertising platform will not be affected by the recent event.


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