Tumblr is Visited By 120 Million Users Each Month

Tumblr is a microblogging site that was shyly released back in 2007. But much has changed since then. The site now boasts 120 million unique users and 15 billion pages viewed every single month. CEO and founder David Karp proudly announced this numbers at the Digital Life Design Conference in Munich Germany, this week.

Martin Varsavsky interviewed Karp who talked about how the company bloomed into what it is today because of the decisions made to follow different roads than those paved by most of the social network companies. He also added that Tumblr is special because it builds for people who like to build themselves. In other words, it lets people construct their own universes and does not impose boundaries of blending in, like Facebook is doing for example.

Karp also added that the social site avoided the rudimentary tools like comments and user tagging because of precise reasons. Instead the Tumblr team focused on giving multiple tools to imaginative people. Then he added:
“Commenting makes YouTube a horrible place”

Karp insists that it has been wonderful to be the black sheep of the business and the distance taken from Silicon Valley certainly did them a whole of good. The company is also opposed to adding ads on the site, which Karp think it is for the benefit of the Tumblr community.


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