Twitter Pulls The Plug On Its #Music App

Twitter #Music was launched after a lot of anticipation and wait. But the app was a failure from the get-go and didn’t get any traction. It’s no wonder that Twitter is now pulling the plug on it.


When Twitter launched #Music, it aimed at creating conversations around artists and bands on the micro-blogging website. Twitter wanted to offer a new way of discovering music and budding talent, hoping to one day enable this talent to either launch or be connected with labels.

However, the app couldn’t make any ripples in an arena already crowded by long-established online music services. The app was built by the team of We Are Hunted initiative, a startup Twitter acquired. The first setback for the #Music app came when the head of music at Twitter left the company and joined Jelly.

From then onwards, it was a nosedive for the app. A few months ago, Twitter stopped any active development for the #Music app, aware of the fact that it commanded only a small audience. And now the company is finally shuttering the project altogether.

According to Twitter, the #Music app will be removed from the App Store today. For the existing users, the app will continue to work until April 18. The window is essentially meant to enable the users to secure their data from the app before it goes down once and for all next month. This certainly doesn’t mean that Twitter is giving up on its music-related ambitions. The company says that it will continue to look for new ways to incorporate music into Twitter.

Source: Twitter Music

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