Two Wireless Charging Industry Bigwigs Join Hands

Wireless charging may still be a budding concept, but it is catching up fast and is expected to become the mainstream charging mode in the next few years. Now, two major wireless charging giants have joined hands.

Wireless charging

There are a total of three giants in the wireless industry. These three come with their own set of standards, methods of wireless charging and applications of their technologies. For instance, one of these is the Wireless Power Consortium Qi, which has the backing of many tech entities. The other two are The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matter Alliance (PMA).

In a surprising move, these two latter groups have decided to join hands and work together towards a wireless charging future. The alliance means that the standards used by the two groups will be rendered compatible with each other and each will adopt the wireless charging specification of the other.

This is a very significant move because it adds a rich support portfolio to both A4WP and PMA. By supporting an extensive range of wireless charging specifications, the duo will be able to leverage a greater portion of the wireless charging industry. The alliance will also encourage more customers and companies to adopt wireless charging by offering wireless ecosystems which are more compatible with each other.

According to the President of Alliance for Wireless Power, Kamil Grajski, “This announcement delivers a compelling message for the industry to commit and deliver wireless charging devices now. Between the organizations, A4WP and PMA membership consists of the key players necessary to drive industry consolidation and establish a commercially viable globally interoperable wireless charging ecosystem.”

Courtesy: BGR

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