US Cellular Offers $50 Unlimited Plan, Throttling After First 500MB

If you are looking for a comprehensive phone plan which comes with average perks at a really affordable price, US Cellular may be the answer. The carrier is offering an unlimited plan for $50 per month, although internet speeds will be throttled after the first 500MB.

US Cellular

For the internet-savvy smartphone users who want to have online access on the go simply because they need to check emails or reply to one, 500MB is fairly sufficient. But for the power users who download or stream videos or movies on their handsets, this is certainly not the way to go.

Another very enticing part of US Cellular’s deal is that it comes without any contract bindings. You get to have unlimited talk time, unlimited text, national coverage without any roaming charges and finally, unlimited data. Although data speed throttling starts after the first 500MB, for most users that shouldn’t be a problem.

An unlimited data plan is a great idea especially because you are never in the dread of finding an overcharged bill at the end of the month. Most often, limited data plans lead to data overuse and that inevitably leads to significantly higher phone bills.

In that context, the deal from US Cellular is not bad at all for average smartphone users. Even if you exhaust the first 500MB, you will still be at least able to connect to the internet, albeit at slower speeds. You can check out the details of the deal at the link provided below.

Source: US Cellular
Courtesy: Engadget

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