Users More Likely To Pay For Tablet Apps Than Mobile Apps

According to a recent study carried out by Pew, less than 50 percent of the total cellphone and tablet users have ever paid for an app. Most tend to indulge into free versions and less than 20% have ever paid more than $20 for an app. However, tablet users are more likely to pay for an app compared to a cellphone user, says the study.

The study carried out by Pew states that only 46% of total cellphone and tablet users pay for apps. Out of these 46%, half of the users say that they have never paid more than $5 for an app. And only 17% of  them have paid more than $20 for an app.

Tablet apps more likely to sell:
According to analysts, tablet users are more likely to pay for apps online than cellphone users. This phenomenon is understandable because for most graphics-related apps, the screen-size has a significant affect on the users’ experience. For instance, if you played Angry Birds on mobile and then played it on a tablet, you will certainly love the tablet-experience more. A wider screen is better able to show the graphical details of an app and makes the experience more entertaining for the user.

The study was carried out on 2260 users who were aged above 18. The overall results of the study show that about 16% of the adult population of US usually pays for apps. Although this is a very low figure, it is still reassuring for apps developers because it’s a 3% increase from last year. Still, apps developers who certainly would want the users to buy their apps may not be very happy over these results. However, there is still hope for apps developers in the apps market for tablets.

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