Walmart Now Brings Smartphone Checkout Program To More Locations

Walmart launched its Scan & Go pilot program a while ago. The retail giant initially rolled it out at limited locations but the success of the program has encouraged the company to introduce it at many other locations. The company is now planning to bring it to three-quarters of all its locations in the country.

Smartphone checkout

The smartphone checkout program introduced by Walmart is excellent in that it saves the time of both the store and the customers. Not only that, it makes monetary transactions neat and easier. To make use of it, customers simply need to photograph the bar codes of the products.

These codes are then used to create a bill and pay it at a self-checkout station. Customers also require the Walmart companion app to accomplish such a purchase.

Currently, the retail giant has made the app available only for iOS devices but we have been told that an Android version is in the coming fairly soon. The entire program by Walmart is quite impressive in that the company is aiming at a number of objectives with this single project.

These include making the process of shopping at a Walmart locations easier, trimming down the time consumed in making a purchase, and also diminishing the company’s own expenses. In fact, Walmart hopes to save $12 million per year on every second that is removed from the customer checkout time.

Courtesy: The Verge

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