Winklevoss Twins Gear Up For A Venture Capital Firm Of Their Own

If you have seen the movie Social Network, you sure must know about the Winklevoss twins. The duo are the ones who claimed that they were the ones who originally came up with the idea of Facebook. Eventually, though, they ended up by getting a hefty sum from Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and settling things at that.

However, the twins haven’t got out of the Silicon Valley yet. With the equity they received through the settlement with Facebook, Winklevoss twins have started a venture capital firm of their own. They announced this while being on the CNBC show Squawk Box on Friday morning.

Also, the two seemed to be getting a hang of things at Silicon Valley, or so they are pretending. With their ambitions spelled in words like ‘We focus on early-stage, disruptive startups’, they sure do sound confident at least.

With their 1.2 million shares in Facebook, it is only natural that Winklevoss twins are hoping a huge payout as soon as Facebook finally goes public. The social network is expected to rake in huge billions and a share count like this can bring a huge fortune to the Winklevosses. It is probably with this fortune that they are hoping to launch a venture capital firm of their own.

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