Yahoo Is Planning To Buy Imgur!

Imgur is among the most wildly popular image-sharing sites online. Especially among Reddit users, Imgur is a favorite. Rumors have it that Yahoo is in talks with Imgur, aiming to acquire the startup.


Imgur derives its value from the fact that it has a very loyal user base, primarily comprising of Reddit users. So the images from Imgur often make it to Reddit and through that, spread all over the web. The site is especially known for a vast collection of GIFs.

Yahoo and Imgur are not new to each other. Yahoo is a client of Imgur’s image-hosting service for corporate entities. However, Yahoo is now looking to expand this relationship and acquire Imgur. Business Insider pegs the possible acquisition deal between $100 million and $500 million. Other have claimed that Yahoo will have to offer at least $200 million if it is serious about the acquisition.

If Yahoo is able to seal the deal with Imgur, it will add a very valuable portal to its portfolio. However, it remains to be seen how Reddit users react to this, especially in view of the fact that Yahoo’s Tumblr acquisition didn’t exactly elicit a happy response from the internets.

Imgur or Yahoo have refused to comment on the topic. As soon as we hear anything official on this possible deal, we’ll keep you posted.

Courtesy: CNET

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