iPhone Hacker Geohot Gets Arrested Over Marijuana Possession

George Hotz is well known in the hacking community. He has some pretty impressive achievements to his name, namely the unlocking of iPhone and having hacked PS3 for which he was sued by Sony. However, the latest news from him are not about hacking but rather of his arrest over possession of marijuana while he was on his way to SXSW conference.

The 22-year-old hacker was scheduled to deliver a talk at the SXSW conference titled ‘The final frontier of reverse engineering’ and he was on his way to the conference when his car was intercepted and searched by at a border patrol checkpoint. During the search, it was found out that he had 1/4 oz. of marijuana in his car, apart from certain ‘chocolate edibles’ which weighed less than 1/8 oz.

Although it has been reported that Hotz has a medical license which legally entitles him to the possession of marijuana back at California where he lives, he was found ‘guilty’ by the local sheriff who booked him on charges of felony. Naturally, Hotz posted a $1500 bail. So far, Hotz hasn’t really said anything about the said incident and so, the details are scarce about what actually happened and that whether Hotz intends to have the charge reversed.

Hotz is one of the well-known hackers around the world, having cracked the PS3, unlocked the iPhone and then bagged a brief employment period at Facebook which didn’t last long.

Image courtesy Vectorportal.


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