iPod 7th Generation Features

Apple patent application suggest iPod nano could become even more of a fashion accessory and he camera could be used to create a background that matches your shirt or jacket or the accelerometer could be used to make a screen saver react to your movements.The patent application also noticeably features Games as a menu option in some of the illustrations which would be new to the current variety of iPod nano……….


Some possiblenew features of the 7th generation iPod Nano have surfaced and new evidence shows that Apple has interest in improving its tiny multi-touch iPod nano with a camera and support for new software such as games.Potential features of a future touchscreen iPod nano were revealed this week in a new patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Environment Sensitive Display Tags.” The document, discovered by AppleInsider, describes adding new sensors to the iPod nano, including a camera to add new functionality.The application concentrates on software features like screen savers, allowing information or content to be displayed on the device. Apple‘s proposed invention would use sensors that would display unique content, or change the manner in which it is displayed.But even more interesting are the illustrations shown in the application that include references to a camera and games. Currently, the sixth-generation iPod nano does not feature a camera, and cannot run software outside of what is preinstalled on the device.


In addition to a camera, the application also makes mention of the inclusion of a motion sensor, temperature gauge and a microphone. Each of these sensors could be used to dynamically alter the way a screensaver would be played on an iPod nano.While the application itself makes no mention of the iPod nano model in its text, the images show a small device with no physical buttons with an appearance similar to the multi-touch model Apple released last September.The mention of a camera in the patent filing comes just days after a new photo claimed to show a seventh-generation iPod nano with a rear-facing camera, and without the built-in clip featured on the sixth-generation model. Another picture, also suggesting Apple could add a camera to its tiny media player surfaced in early April.A camera was previously featured on the iPod nano in its larger fifth-generation model, released in 2009 and featuring the classic-style click wheel for input. Previous version of the device also supported iPod Click Wheel Games, but no games are available for the touchscreen sixth-generation iPod nano.More Info




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