iTunes Is On The Roll In Japan – Gets Lots Of New Features

Apple has finally updated iTunes for Japan with a number of new features. Although a few rumors recently said that iTunes Match will also be a part of a major update to iTunes for Japan, the list of new features do not include it. Japanese users can now purchase and download music on their iOS devices through 3G cellular networks, a service which wasn’t available earlier. Other new features include the availability of Mastered for iTunes and ‘Complete My Album’ option for Japanese iTunes users.

Japanese users have long been waiting for all these features which are already available to iTunes users in US and Europe. The music quality of the music available through iTunes has also been enhanced and is now available as DRM-free 256Kbps AAC iTunes Plus tracks.

The ‘Complete My Album’ feature allows a user to choose to purchase an album by having a discount equal to the cost of the songs of the album he has already purchased. It’s a great feature because lets a user choose not to pay for the songs he has already purchased, outside of an album.

Another very useful feature that has been added to iTunes for Japanese users is that they can now purchase and download ringtones using desktop or mobile iTunes apps. However, as far as the iTunes in the Cloud service, iTunes Match is concerned, Apple officially stated that it is working on it and that the service will be launched of iTunes Japan users in the later half of this year.

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