iWatch – Apple Likely To Launch A Wrist Watch Soon

Imagine sitting at your sofa, lounging comfortably, wearing a cute, nifty watch. Through this watch, you talk to your very own personal assistant, Siri, and then use Siri to access content from iCloud to your iPhone, iPad or iMac. You may even transfer data from these devices to iCloud and have it stored there. Or, once Apple launches it’s TV, stream data through Siri on your watch to be displayed on your Apple TV. Analysts are of the view that Apple may launch just such an iWatch in the coming days.

Clearly, Siri has spelled an all new era for Apple. And this is definitely just the start. We can expect greater wonders from Siri in the coming days as Apple develops it further and better.

One of the much-touted Siri applications by analysts is a wristwatch that can be operated through Siri. The watch can be used to ‘talk’ to other Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iMac. And all of these being connected centrally to iCloud, the data transfer between iCloud and these devices can be done through the voice commands on this wristwatch.

We reported a while ago that Apple is planning on developing ‘wearable’ computers and has even developed a number of prototypes for this purpose. Wristwatches may not be in style anymore; but a wristwatch that is lot more than a watch and acts as kind of a remote for all your Apple devices – now that’s something which is futuristic and sells!

Another important fact that fully bolsters this rumour is that Apple plans to launch Apple TV – and Apple is saying that it will be an all new experience, totally removed from the traditional concepts of TV. Analysts think that this TV will most certainly utilize Siri. What’s more, you use a wristwatch to operate this TV from meters away and through Siri – all that fits into a perfect puzzle.

So is Apple developing such a wristwatch or not? We can not say for sure of course but what we can say for sure is that such a watch is definitely the logical next step for Apple and Apple seems to be moving towards it.

Image courtesy Brett Jordan.
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