Jim Barton: Co-Founder And CTO Of TiVo, Resigns

TiVo has been an immense success since its launch because the idea behind it was really unique. And that idea came from Jim Barton. Barton co-founded TiVo with Mike Ramsay back in 1997. Now, it has been reported that Barton has resigned from his position of CTO at TiVo on March 14. However, he will continue to provide certain consulting services to the company for $25,000 a month.

It seems that despite most founder-resignations, this one has been without any disputes or qualms and rather, has been settled amicably. The perception emanates from the fact that even after having resigned from the company, TiVo still has Jim Burton as a hired-consultant for the next three years at a very handsome pay of $25,000 a month.

When probed about the exact nature of his job, TiVo revealed that Barton will provider ‘certain consulting services related to patent matters, litigation, and certain technical matters.’ According to the CEO of TiVo, Tom Rogers, “We are extremely grateful to Jim for his years of dedication and his commitment to innovation that he has provided to TiVo since its founding. We are pleased that he will remain on in an advisory capacity and look forward to working with him in this new capacity in the future.”

What is interesting is that although TiVo hasn’t revealed the exact reason of why Barton is leaving the company, it said that he has left to pursue his ‘next big idea.‘ If that is so, it is definitely very cool and inspiring. Barton was the brains behind TiVo’s software and digital video streaming technologies and may well have a number of newer ideas up his sleeve which he now wishes to pursue.

One other reason why Barton has been hired by TiVo could be that TiVo is very possessive towards its patents and while some of them may definitely be tired to Barton, the company ensured they were not going anywhere by hiring him.

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