Judge Hints At Reducing Samsung’s Penalty In Patent Case Against Apple

Recently, when a jury awarded Apple more than $1 billion in damages against Samsung, ruling that Samsung had indeed infringed Apple’s patents, many thought Apple had conclusively won. But a reconsideration of the case by a U.S. federal judge may dent Apple’s victory.


Ever since the $1 billion verdict, Samsung has launched a legal campaign somehow trying to wriggle out of the ruling. It has leveled a whole host of allegations and objections, not only against Apple but also against the jury that ruled over the case. As it turns out, some of Samsung’s objections may turn out to be true.

The two tech titans are currently fighting out their war in a case that is being overlooked by the U.S. District Judge, Lucy Koh. During the course of the case and after having heard the lawyers from both parties, Koh remarked that it appears that the jury had miscalculated damages.

This clearly indicates that Koh may trim down the amount that has to be paid to Apple in damages. While Samsung has been demanding that all along, Apple has also been on the assault. Since the $1 billion verdict, the iPhone-maker claimed that case proved Samsung’s willful infringement of its patents and that Samsung must be asked to pay another $535 million in damages.

The current case seems to be more fruitful for Samsung who may be able to have the amount of penalties trimmed down. However, there’s a chance that the two may continue their legal battle and keep moving to higher courts in order to seek a ruling more on their terms.

Courtesy: LA Times

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