Kodak Gallery Will Shut Down On July 2nd As The Service Goes To Shutterfly

Kodak has been struggling to stay afloat by filing bankruptcy protection back in January. The company aims to sell a number of its businesses and then concentrate on some of its main strengths. As part of this strategy, Kodak’s online photo service called Kodak Gallery will be sold to Shutterfly for a sum of $23.8 million.

As part of its bankruptcy protection, Kodak is trying to sell out its photo sharing and printing related businesses, Kodak Gallery being one of them. Shutterfly, the company which was the sole bidder for the sell-out, also offers somewhat similar services.

The deal was sealed when a federal bankruptcy judge gave the final go-ahead for the selling out of the business. Through the service, Kodak offered not only free photo sharing but also allowed the users to order for prints, digital copies on DVDs and even photo books.

With the inception of other social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the popularity of the likes of Kodak Gallery have declined immensely over recent years. But the service still has a large user base.

Users of Kodak Gallery will have the option of ‘opting out’ of the migration of their account if they don’t want their photos to be transferred. This must be done by May 28 and after July 2, users will no longer be able to access their Kodak Gallery photos.

While Kodak did offer free download of high-resolution versions of the photos, Shutterfly won’t be offering this feature. So those users who want to get any Kodak Gallery originals should hurry and do so before July 2.

Source: Kodak Gallery

News Courtesy: Yahoo News

Image Courtesy: DragonFlyEye

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