Luna – A Hi-Tech Metal Ball That Can Turn Laundry Basket Into A Washer

Washing clothes have become so easy, thanks to washing machines. But it seems like washing machines are going to be obsolete. Lately, a Colombian student has revealed his concept for a washing ball called Luna that can be placed directly into a laundry basket, and clean clothes without ever having to remove them.


Electrolux Design Lab has arranged a contest. Many students have participated and come up with new and innovative ideas. One of the participants is Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar, who is from Colombia Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. He has developed a design of Luna, a washing ball that can be placed directly into a laundry basket.


Luna is an electrostatic spherical washing machine. It is a metallic sphere with a small amount of water in it. It creates a cloud of fine particles of steam electrostatically charged, which comes out through pores of the metal surface. It then rotates and moves between clothes through vibrations and pulses designed to scrub and shake tissues, loosening dirt. The metallic surface of the sphere acts as a magnet: electrostatically charged, it attracts dirt particles impregnated with steam and sucks these towards the core of the sphere. And finally, Luna dries with hot air the residual damp in the tissues.

However, experts from Electrolux have selected Villamizar as a finalist in that prestigious contest. It is to be noted here that Villamizar’s idea is one of 100 out of more than 1,700 submissions.

Villamizar claims, “Luna renews the fabric care experience, in a simple, elegant and sustainable way. The sphere reduces the consumption of water and energy, optimizes time and reduces the effort required in washing and fabric care. These are the reasons why Luna will be part of the lives of the users of the future and of the transformation of the homes, in healthy homes.”

Lars Erikson, Electrolux Head of Group Design have said, “We received some really innovative, visually inspiring concepts. We are excited to open up the voting to the public”

The voting will end on May 16. And the decision for the top 70+ will be announced on May 19. The very top 10 ideas selected by votes will have direct access to the next stage and the rest will be chosen by the team of Electrolux experts. Once the finalists are selected, the contestant receiving the most votes will be chosen as the winner of the People’s Choice Award and will receive a prize of 1,000.

The student who will receive first prize will be awarded 5,000 and offered a six-month paid internship at Electrolux global design center urification. The second and third prize winners will receive 3,000 and 2,000, respectively.

The concept video

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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