[Video] Scientists Created Such Material Which Makes Water Drops Bounce Off

Nanotechnology is, undoubtedly, a vital part of science. Scientists are always trying to get the best out of  it. However, lately a group of scientists has made such material which makes water drops bounce off.

Hydrophobic Nanocones

Scientists have created a new, super-waterproof material by engineering a surface with particular nano-scale structures. They tested two different 20-nanometer-wide surface structures. One was nano-columns and the other was nano-cones. During test, they found that water could still cling to the flat tops of the columns, but interestingly, the cones forced water to ball up and roll away, even when they sprayed water at the new material at high speed. Now the team will work to make these nano-structures on the surface of plastic and glass. Here is the video that has come from the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York.

For more details, visit the journal Advanced Materials where scientists have published their work.

Source: Brookhaven National Laboratory

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