Measure Heart Rate Using A Headphone And A Smartphone

Usually, we use headphone for listening songs and sometimes even for talking. But lately, some researchers at the Kaiteki Institute in Japan have created such technology for which now you can measure your heart rate using a headphone and a smartphone.

Headphone That Can Measure Your Heart Rate

Those researchers have developed a special kind of software. With this software, you will be able to measure your pulse using your earphones and a smartphone. The tech measures the air pressure in your ear canal, taking advantage of the seal made by earphones. As your arteries pump blood, it causes tiny movements in your eardrum at a frequency of about 1Hz. Using the earphones’ speaker as a microphone, the software can detect and interpret this movement to determine your pulse rate.

According to the research team, the software is now able to isolate the pulse even without a perfect seal, thanks to undisclosed “signal processing technologies.”

Researchers demonstrated the tech using a pair of off-the-shelf earphones. The team believes that if its signal-processing techniques are added to a smartphone, it’ll be possible to keep tabs on your pulse with no additional equipment.

However, at this moment, researchers are hardly trying to take the tech to a new level. We wish him all the best.

Source: Tech-on!

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