Microsoft Steps Right In The Middle Of TV Entertainment Industry

Microsoft is all set to release a huge update for Xbox consoles come Tuesday. What is an extra-ordinary move by the tech giant is that Microsoft has decided to step right in the middle of the TV entertainment industry. Now you don’t turn on your Xbox just when you have to play a game but also when you want to watch something on TV.

Microsoft is collaborating with a number of content-production firms as well as TV channels. These include international channels as well as programming support from local content agencies.

Microsoft has recently overhauled the Xbox experience so that the content is at the crux of its philosophy now. The menu has been designed such that Xbox users can easily find the content which they are looking for and the navigation too has been made lot easier.

Kinetic sensor and voice control:
The efforts on making the Kinetic sensor more advanced have also been upped. Formerly the Kinetic sensor merely responded to the motions of the users. Now, with the new iteration, it also comes with some voice support so that a user can utter a certain show on the video hub and Kinetic will carry that voice to search for that show. This voice control also comes with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, for Xbox users. You have to utter the keywords in exact sequence for the search engine to look up the content for you.

Among content providers for Xbox, Verizon is probably top of the list with it’s 26 channels for Xbox users. The revamped Xbox experience certainly seems to be an endeavour by Microsoft to make the platform much more interactive for users and to orient the users towards more Microsoft-affiliate content.
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