MusicLens Your First Smart Glasses for Daily Use

MusicLens is the ideal Smart Glass for fashion lovers. At the same time, its unique and useful features make it a perfect companion for professionals. You can listen to music, tune in to the radio, and make phone calls without putting anything in your ears. And how is that useful? This pair of Glasses uses Bone Conduction which does no harm to your ear-drums at all.

Bone conduction audio is a revolutionary new achievement in audio technology that allows you to hear crystal clear sound without putting anything into your ears. MusicLens’ custom-designed bone conduction speakers rest outside the ear and send audio signals through the skin and bone via vibrations. This way, anyone suffering from ruptured eardrums can also listen to crystal clear audio.

Moreover, if you are in a boring conference or a boring family gathering, you can put on your Music Lens and play your favorite songs. And the most fun part about it is, no one will even notice that you are listening to music. This is because of the bone conduction speakers inside MusicLens. These speakers work by sending vibrations into your skin, not by blasting your eardrums with the sound that can easily disturb coworkers, passengers on public transport, or a partner who’s trying to sleep.

MusicLens Supports Prescription Lenses

There are three styles of MusicLens- Modern, Vogue and Geek. Both their prices and features vary. Both the Modern and Vogue styles use premium polarized lenses that block 98% percent of UV rays and inferred radiation. However the Geek style is a 30g ultralight frame with minimalist style, front frame looks the same as normal optical glasses. It comes with a plain plastic lens that you need to replace your prescription lens. However, this does not mean, you can’t have the other styles put your prescription lenses. All three styles can be customized to fit your prescription lenses.

We have a common perception that without a Smartphone, Smart Glasses are worth nothing. It’s not entirely true for MusicLens. Even if you are not connected to your Smartphone, you can still listen to your favorite music as you get 4GB of storage capacity.

Do you listen to FM for catching up with the latest news, traffic updates, or a sports match? MusicLens comes with a built-in radio receiver so you can tune into your favorite stations without your phone.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you plan on using MusicLens for professional use or casual ones, you can rely on it for 9 straight hours. MusicLens comes with a battery life that is greater than any other Smart Glass out there. This makes it perfect for long trips, full work days, and all night study sessions, MusicLens won’t quit until you’re ready.

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