Nanosys Secures $15 Million To Ramp Up Work On Quantum Dot LCDs

Better, brighter displays in tablets and other devices are the rage of the day. Consumers want more vivid screens in every new version of every new product. Whereas the conventional LCDs have their limitations, Nanosys has now bagged $15 million to start working on quantum dot LCDs, which can make displays 50 percent brighter.

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The company has been around for more than a decade and was founded on the notion that nanotechnology should be translated into a real business, something which can be commercially applicable. As a result, the company came up with the idea of Quantum Dot Enhancement Film.

The quantum dot technology is able to increase the brightness of a display up to three times the standard brightness, without essentially raising the costs or power consumption of the display.

Nanosys needed funds to enter the commercial arena of quantum dot and in a recent round of funding, it has been able to raise a whopping $15 million.

With this, Nanosys intends to ramp up the production of LCDs making use of quantum dot technology. The company is optimistic that with this revolutionary technology, it can really grab a significant share in the display market.

According to the president of Nanosys, Jason Hartlove, “You’ve never seen anything like a quantum dot display. We are working with display makers to create a new high color gamut display experience that is cheaper, more efficient, and more reliable than anything else currently on the market. The response from manufacturers so far has been great, and demand for QDEF has grown to the point that we’ll need to expand manufacturing to keep up.”

Courtesy: Venture Beat

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