NEC’s Sumaho Sensor Can Detect Smartphone Owners

NEC has unveiled a new technology which can detect the owner of a smartphone. The company has termed it ‘Sumaho sensor’ which can essentially sense the WLAN frames that a device emits and based on that, is able to notify when a smartphone owner is near.

Sumaho Sensor

This new technology can be a very helpful tool for shops, retail localities and other vendors. If a user is making use of Wireless LAN while he is in the range of the sensor, not only is the sensor able to detect it but it can also be used to send him messages.

The smartphone-owner is identified through a server and is offered a subscription to the LAN messages of the shop or outlet which is making use of the sensor. If the user accepts, he can be invited to the shop or the shop owner can send him messages about different products.

However, the sensor technology comes with two conditions that must be fulfilled before it can connect to the user. First, the user must have his WLAN function on and second, he must give explicit permission to provide information about his device. Moreover, the user must also be within the range of the sensor which NEC claims is up to 30 meters.

NEC showed off this new sensor technology at a tech expo this week. However, it may be a while before sensors based on this technology become commercially available.

Courtesy: Techon

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